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Pescatore di Sestri Levante - Scultore Leonardo Lustig

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Das Portal sestri-levante.net


143-IconaLogo.gifThe Internet site you are visiting was born as a follow-on to the official Portal of the Comune di Sestri Levante www.comune.sestri-levante.ge.it.

During the final phase of the development of the official portal, which required a re-evaluation of the information and services’ structure of the whole Administration, it became clear that a great quantity of the information about the town available to the Town Administration could have a major impact on tourism. Making this information available to the tourists could represent a valuable service to promote tourism for Sestri and its businesses.

Therefore, sestri-levante.net was born; a portal built upon the Town data, with an easy interface, always linked to the territory via maps, which help locate and visualize any point of interest, kept current with all the events in town.

The portal provides free pages to the town businesses, social and cultural institutions to promote their activities. It offers the visitor rich services to personalize access to the site, including sign up to newsletters, build and register itineraries and share comments and images.

The portal was developed under the Progetto Comunicazione del Comune di Sestri Levante (Communication Project); the development involved the Ufficio Servizi Informatici (Information Services), Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico (Public Relations Office), Ufficio SIT (Sistema Informativo Territoriale), and the Laboratorio Territoriale Tigullio.

Translation services are provided by Alessandra Piazzi, Conference Interpreter and Translator IT<>DE EN FR(German, French).