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Pescatore di Sestri Levante - Scultore Leonardo Lustig

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In this part of the web site, we present special projects and activities, offered to you by the municipality of Sestri Levante in cooperation with "Sistema Turistico Locale Terre di Portofino" or local entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, so that you can enjoy a high quality vacation from the viewpoint of the environment, services and knowledge of the territory.

Not only Olive Oil
Vegetable, organic and local products street market
"sestri-levante.net" web portal
The Internet site you are visiting was born as a follow-on to the official Portal of the Comune di Sestri Levante www.comune.sestri-levante.ge.it.
Civil weddings in Sestri Levante
Sestri Levante is a particularly charming location to celebrate a civil wedding.
More local street markets!
The "carruggi" and the squares of Sestri Levante are often liven up by cheerful street markets. A handicraft and artistic street market, dedicated to creativity and beauty,  is held every year from June to September (only first week), in collaboration with the Association of creativity.
A sea of quality - Friends of the environment
In summer 2005, research performed by the Laboratorio Territoriale Tigullio per l’Educazione Ambientale (LabTer, the municipal department for Sustainable Development and Environmental Education) on the accommodation and bathing facilities of Sestri Levante showed a surprising and in some respects comforting result.